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The Division 2 Has a Greater Focus on Endgame Play

The Division 2 is the follow-up to 2016's The Division, continuing the story of a broken US after a smallpox epidemic struck the country on Black Friday 2015. With the country falling apart, the US government activates the sleeper agents that work for the Strategic Homeland Division, who have been secretly living amongst the populace for years. Division agents are ordered to aid humanitarian efforts and emergency responders, as well as respond to emerging criminal groups with highly advanced military grade hardware and weaponry. The first game took place in New York City in the winter following the outbreak, while The Division 2 moves the setting to the country's capital, Washington DC, in the spring.


For players who purchased the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Dark Zone Collector's Edition or the Phoenix Shield Collector's Edition, you should already have access to The Division 2. If you haven't preloaded it already, download the game now and feel free to jump in because you're able to play. As of right now, only players how have the standard edition have access to preloading the game, which you should have access to on March 13 at midnight, in your respective region. For example, if you're in North America, you can preload the game at midnight at EST, and if you're in Japan, you can start your preload at midnight at JST.


While players who have purchased the Gold or Ultimate Editions of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will already be wandering the streets of Washington DC, players who have only purchased the standard edition will have to wait until Friday. If you are you looking for more about Buy The Division 2 Credits check out our website. Microsoft has taken the opportunity on Inside Xbox to show those players what they're missing with a new trailer that focuses on the game's Xbox One X enhancements.


Not just with the game issues, but from a sales and playercount perspective. While games like Diablo, Destiny and The Division all had big launch problems, they were still top-sellers when they debuted and racked up large playerbases quickly. In the three weeks since Anthem debuted, I have not heard a word about sales figures or its playercount, and if there were figures that were actually worth bragging about, we would definitely be hearing something on either of those fronts.


Where it improves is in the cadence of its rewards, pelting you throughout the campaign with loot and experience points from various sources, making the next upgrade feel like a natural result of your journey through the game rather than being arduously earned. If you're looking for a strong loot shooter you can enjoy with friends in the wake of Anthem's troubled launch, or you want a mid-season break from Destiny 2, this might be a strong fit. It helps that the main mission design is mostly terrific, taking you through a variety of real-world tourist spots for shootouts with the game's three enemy factions.


The Division 2's official release date is March 15, but the game has technically already come out via its staggered launch schedule. Pre-ordering the standard edition of The Division 2 gets you the game on March 15.


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