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The NHL 20 Conducted an Investigation


Voynov was suspended indefinitely in October 2014 after being arrested and accused of abusing his wife. Voynov was a member of the Los Angeles Kings at the time of his arrest and subsequent suspension. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor, left the United States to go back to Russia and in July had the conviction dismissed by a judge in Los Angeles. He has applied to be reinstated by the NHL 20.


Tuesday's decision came after the league investigated the situation, including an in-person meeting with Voynov last month in New York. Today's ruling, while tailored to the specific facts...

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Biggest Reasons to Pick up MLB The Show 19

This article will look at the best young shortstops available in MLB The Show 19's Franchise Mode. These players will have shortstop as their primary position and be aged 25 or younger. They will be on an MLB roster when you start your Franchise Mode save. There will be some talented shortstop prospects in the Minor Leagues but their stats vary from save to save so it is never quite clear who the best options in the Minors will be. So who are the best young shortstops in MLB The Show 19?


Before I experienced some of the upcoming game modes,...

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Teheran up for MLB The Show 19 Challenge

The Royals came out of the gate sprinting. Maybe it was a result of a weak schedule or the boys just feeling themselves, but they got out to a 19-11 record. Hot damn. Like we all saw coming, Lucas Duda led the position players in WAR as a DH. I imagine Kansas Samplers and Rally Houses struggle to keep Duda shirseys in stock. Jakob Junis produces the most WAR among pitchers and someone coins the term Jakob Smear-nov to describe the pitcher's plus slider. That person becomes a millionaire when Uncle Hud gets word of it and refuses to stop...

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Some Changes Baked into MLB The Show 19

There, players take control of the team during the most important moments. But it's not a play-and-forget situation a player's performance in these critical splashes of gameplay directly impacts momentum, influencing how the team plays when the player isn't in control. Those who would rather hear about the tried-and-true modes likely want to start up front with Road to The Show. The series' crown jewel undergoes some significant changes this year. In an effort to be more true to life, players will now have to perform well in things like weightlifting sessions that serve as minigames.


Your performance in those key...

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